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Rabbi Fridman's Recorded Shiurim

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Sefer Melachim

Sefer Melachim 1: The Aged King  12/6/21

Sefer Melachim 2: Natan’s Gambit 12/14/21

Melachim 3: One Final Battle 12/21/21

Melachim 4: The Collapse of Adoniyahu 12/28/21

Sefer Melachim 5: David’s Last Will  1/4/22

Melachim 6: An Ill-Fated Proposal 1/11/22

Melachim VIII: A Listener’s Heart  1/31/22

Melachim IX: Justice for All  2/1/22

Sefer Melachim Shiur X: Shlomo and the Administrative State 2/7/22

Melachim XI: The Abundance of Shlomo

Melachim XII: Shlomo, Chiram, and Arzei HaLevanon  2/22/22

Sefer Melachim: His Father’s Dream- Shlomo and Building the Mikdash 4/26/22

Reaching for the Heavens: Shlomo and the Mikdash    5/24/22

Sefer Melachim: The King’s Blessings 5/31/22

Sefer Melachim: Shlomo between David and Bat Pharaoh  6/14/22

Sefer Melachim Chapter Ten: The Queen of Sheba  6/21/22

Sefer Melachim: The Fall of Shlomo  6/29/22

Melachim I: The Unraveling of Shlomo’s Kingdom    10/25/22

Melachim I: The Rebellion of Yeravam Part One 10/31/22

Dynasty Undone: The Legacy of Shlomo?   11/7/22

Melachim I: Monarchy at the Edge of the Abyss   11/14/22

A Kingdom Unraveled: The Folly of Rechavam  11/22/22

Melachim: The Heart of Yeravam   11/28/22

The Heart of Yerevam Part II: The Corrosive Pursuit of Honor 12/5/22

Melachim I: The Hand of Yeravam   12/11/22

Melachim I: The Destruction of Beit Yeravam  12/26/22

Melachim I: The Unraveling of Rechavam  1/3/23

Melachim I: The Hypocrisy of Aviyam 1/10/23

Malchut Assa: The Lost Restoration   1/24/23

Sefer Melachim Assa Part II: A Victim of His Success 1/31/23

Melachim I: Ba’asha and Repeating History  2/6/23

Melachim I: Chaos, Bloodshed, and Fire  2/13/23

Melachim I: Omri, Achav, and the Unrooted Children   2/20/23

Sefer Melachim: The Emergence of Eliyahu HaNavi  4/18/23

Eliyahu HaNavi Part II: The Tzarfatit  4/25/23

Eliyahu, Ovadiah, Achav: Three Paradigms   5/1/23

Eliyahu IV: In Fire and in Water  5/8/23

Eliyahu Part V: The Sound of Silence 5/15/23

Chariots of Fire: Eliyahu’s Unfinished Business   5/23/23

The Era of Elisha II: The Emergence of Melech Yisrael 10/17/23

The Era of Elisha VI: Ghosts of Navot

The Era of Elisha III: Who Is My Brother?

The Era of Elisha Part IV: In Cold Blood

The Era of Elisha VII: What Might Have Been

The Era of Elisha VIII: G-d of Fire

The Era of Elisha IX: Eliyahu’s Ascent

The Era of Elisha X: A Tale of Two Prophets  

The Era of Elisha XI: Of Blood and Water

The Era of Elisha XII: Prophet of Compassion

The Era of Elisha XIII: Prophet of Life

The Era of Elisha XIV: Elisha and Gechazi

The Era of Elisha XV: Prophet of Sustenance

The Era of Elisha XVI: A Prophet in Israel 

The Era of Elisha XVII: Reversal of Future

The Era of Elisha XVII: New Beginnings 

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