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Rabbi Fridman's Recorded Shiurim

Tehillim MiMa’amakim: Daily Study of Tehillim for those in Social Distancing/Quarantine

Mizmor 1: The Path of the Righteous 3/13/20

Tehillim Mizmor 2: Like the Very First Day 3/13/20

Tehillim MiMa'amakim 3: David Sings Through the Crisis 3/15/20

Tehillim MiMa’amakim: Mizmor 4- Tranquility through the Storm 3/16/20

Tehillim MiMa’amakim Mizmor 5: The Chessed of Coming to the House of Hashem 3/17/20

Tehillim MiMa'makim Mizmor 7: The Significance of Hakarat HaTov 3/20/20

Tehillim MiMa'akim Mizmor 8: Coronavirus- The Smallness. of Man, the Greatness of Man 3/20/20

Tehillim MiMa'amakim 9: A Fortress in Troubled Times 3/23/20

Tehillim MiMa'amakim Mizmor 10: Is it Hashem who is Distant? 3/24/20

Tehillim MiMa'amakim 12: Words of Integrity 3/30/20

Tehillim MiMa’amakim 13: From the Depths of Isolation 3/30/20

Tehillim MiMa’amakim 14: Hashem Seeks those Who Seek 3/31/20

Tehillim MiMa’amakim 15: The Entire Torah, Distilled 4/1/20

Tehillim MiMa'amakim 16: Hashem's Presence- And our Role in Sensing It 4/2/20

Tehillim MiMa’amakim 17: On the Relationship between Tefillah and Chessed 4/3/20

Tehillim 18: A Theology of Divine Salvation 4/17/20

Tehillim MiMa’amakim 19: Hashem My Rock, Hashem my Redeemer.​​​​​​ 4/19/20

Tehillim MiMa'amakim Mizmor 20: Our Source of Strength on Days of Distress 4/20/20

Tehillim 21: David- the king who Never Became a King 4/22/20

Tehillim MiMa'amakim 22: A Queen Adorned in Courage 4/23/20

Yom HaShoah 5780: Tehillim Mizmor 23- Walking in the Shadow of Death, with Hashem 4/21/20

Tehillim 24: David's Long Term Vision 4/24/20

Tehillim MiMa'amakim 25: At the Intersection of Kindness and Truth 4/27/20

Tehillim MiMa'makim 26: One Day at a Time 5/4/20

Tehillim 27: Why Recite Tehillim in Times of Crisis? 5/5/20

Tehillim 28: Partners in Creation 5/6/20

Tehillim 29: What Brings us Peace of Mind? 5/8/20

Tehillim Mizmor 30: David and ראיית הנולד .m4a     5/10/20

Tehillim 31: Never Forgotten 5/11/20

Tehillim MiMa'amakim 32: The Things for Which we Pray 5/12/20

Tehillim MiMa’amakim 33: Fighting Evil, Accepting Judgment 5/13/20

Tehillim 34: Why David was not Ashamed 5/14/20

Tehillim 36: To Whom Does One Answer? 5/18/20

Tehillim 37: Nurturing Faith, Nurtured by Faith 5/18/20

Tehillim 38: To Feel the Pain of Another 5/19/20

Tehillim 39: The Gates which are Never Locked 5/21/20

Tehillim 39: Hashem is His Fortress 5/21/20

5/25/20 Tehillin 41: אשרי משכיל אל דל

Tehillim 42: A Little Bit of Night Music 5/26/20

Tehillim 43: Faith Through the Storm 5/28/20

Tehillim 44: As Our Parents Told us- David, Ramban, and Matan Torah 5/28/20

Other Recordings

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‘Zmanim’ (Holidays) 

Shiurim on Hilkot Pesach 

Sun, May 31 2020 8 Sivan 5780