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The Jewish Center of Teaneck is a warm and welcoming Modern Orthodox congregation. We are committed to the study and observance of Torah, meaningful and uplifting Tefillah, and unwavering support for Medinat Yisrael.


At the very heart of our communal mission is a commitment to the cardinal value of chessed, loving-kindness, in which each member of our community, irrespective of age, educational or religious background, feels cherished and valued. We are profoundly committed to supporting one another through challenging times of illness and bereavement, and helping one another in times of financial difficulty.


We place a singular emphasis on our role as an educational institution, convinced, as we are, that there is no more sacred task than helping to raise the next generation of committed members of the Jewish people. As such, we place an emphasis on youth programming, with groups for all ages on Shabbat morning, including a youth minyan, as well as weekly Shabbat afternoon activities, involving play, parshah, and seudah shlishit. Wholesome, educational, and fun youth programs are scheduled regularly throughout the course of the year, and in particular, during the holidays.


Joining the Jewish Center of Teaneck is a decision to become a part of a caring, sincere, diverse, and storied congregation, which first opened its doors in 1933, as the very first synagogue in Teaneck. As is so often the case in life, we hope that you will find that becoming a member and helping to build this beautiful community will serve as its own reward


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