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 The Jewish Center of Teaneck is an inclusive community built on five core principles: love of chessed, immersive study of Torah, heartfelt Tefillah, unwavering devotion to the Land of Israel, and constructive engagement with broader society, all subsumed under the overarching goal of sanctifying the Divine Name.  We exist to advance all of these cherished values, and to support each and every member of our community, to share in each other’s moments of joy, and to hold each other through life’s challenges.

Welcome to the Jewish Center of Teaneck


Davening Times-Shabbat VaYishlach

Friday, November 19

Candles 4:15 PM

Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat 4:20 PM


Shabbat, November 20

Hashkama Minyan 6:45 AM

Rabbi Solomon and Bella Gopin Memorial Rambam Shiur in the Pressburger

8:20 AM: Justifying the Shechem Massacre


Shacharit 9:00 AM

Sephardic 8:45 AM In the Weiss Auditorium


Derashah: And Jacob Was Left Alone


Youth Groups

9:00 AM- Around 11:00 AM

Grades Prek-5th Meet in downstairs classrooms 106, 107, 108 and 109

All children must be masked and there will be social distancing

Please pick up your children following the conclusion of davening


Kiddush Around 11:00 am in the Stein


Kiddush is sponsored by Wendy and Jonathan Gelman and Sylvia and Roger Kramer in honor of Josh‘s aufruf and in gratitude for this precious opportunity to celebrate the achdut of family. 


Youth Parsha Learning with Rabbi Fridman 11:30 AM in the Pressburger


Mincha 4:10 PM

Ruvin Fridman Memorial Ramban Shiur: Yaakov's Encounter with Esav

Maariv 5:16 PM

Havdalah 5:24 PM

Community Updates from Rabbi Fridman

Please click here to read all of Rabbi Fridman's Community Updates. They are listed by date published.

Important Shul Update 11/30/20

Please click here to read the RCBC letters.

Please contact with any questions. Thank you 

Rabbi Fridman's Recorded Shiurim

 Under Adult Education, scroll down for Rabbi Fridman Recorded shiurim and click on that heading for a subject listing.

Czech Memorial Torah

Please click below to learn the story of these special Sifrei Torah

Please click here to read about our  Melnik Sefer Torah.

Thu, December 2 2021 28 Kislev 5782