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Rabbi Fridman's Recorded ShiurimHolidays

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Sichah for Parshat HaChodesh: Masters of our own Times 3/20/20

Shirat Ha-Yam and Hallel 3/24/20

Ha Lachma Anya: The Introduction to Sippur Yetziat Mitzraim 3/24/20

The Opening of Shirat Ha-Yam: Hashem's Awesome Power 3/26/20

Looking Towards the Future: The Minhag of Kittle on Leil Ha-Seder 3/27/20

בני בכורי ישראל: The Relationship between Hashem and the Jewish People 3/30/20

בני בכורי ישראל: The Jewish People and the Status of Bechor 3/30/20

3/30/20 On the Relationship between Hashem and the Jewish People : וגם את הגוי אשר יעבדו דן אנכי

Shirat HaYam IV: Zeh Keli V'Anvehu 3/31/20

And They Shall Leave With Great Wealth: More than Money 3/31/20

Shirat HaYam V: Hashem Ish Milchamah, Hashem Shemo 3/31/20

On the Journey at the Inn: The Mysterious Encounter between Moshe and the Angel of Death 4/2/20

Status of Bedikat Chametz: Rashi, Tosafot, Ran, and Rambam 4/7/20

4/7/ 20 The Clarity Afforded by an עת צרה: Pre-Pesach Words  of התעוררות

Chag Ha-Matzot and Chag Ha-Aviv: The Motif of Hope and Redemption 4/13/20

The Duality of Korban Pesach: Korban Hashem and Korban Bnei Yisrael 4/14/20

The Nature of Issur Chametz I: An Issur that Defines a Mo’ed 10/12/20

The Nature of Issur Chametz II: The Ultimate Stigma 10/13/20

The Nature of Issur Chametz III: Chametz and Avodah Zarah 10/14/20

The Nature of Issur Chametz IV: Chametz as the Foundation of Matzah 10/15/20

The Nature of Issur Chametz V: Issur Chametz B’Mikdash 10/15/20

The Nature of Bedikat Chametz I 10/21/20

Yom Yerushalayim

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Tisha B'Av

Laws of Tisha B'Av: The Nature of the Restriction of Talmud Torah 8/5/19

Laws of Tisha B'Av: Seudah Mafseket in a Year when Fasting is Delayed until Motzaei Shabbat 8/6/19

Laws of Tisha B'Av: The Unique Nature of an Issur Melacha on Tisha B'Av 8/7/19

Laws of Tisha B'Av: Reciting 'Nachem' Today: The Competing Views of the Rav and Rav Lichtenstein 8/8/19

Laws of Tisha B’Av: No Learning Erev Tisha B’Av? The Case against the Rena’s Chumrah 8/9/19


Tisha B'Av: R. Yehoshua' Rescue of the young Yishmael ben Elisha 8/7/19

Aggaditot of Churban: The Master Carpenter and the Apprentice 8/8/19

‘Kamtza and Bar Kamtza Revisited’ 8/9/19

Fasting on the Ninth? Atchilata D'Puranuta Adifa Revisited 8/12/19

From Aninut to Aveilut: Tisha B'Av Afternoon 7/31/20

Tisha B'Av in a Pandemic: Bechi Shel Chinam 7/31/20

Introduction to Kinnot: The Complexity of Tisha B'Av- Yom Ta'anit, Yom Aveilut, Yom Mo'ed, Yom Setimat Tefillah, Yom Teshuvah

Kinnot 5779: Shavat- Isolation from Man and God


Laws of the Three Weeks

Thu, October 22 2020 4 Cheshvan 5781