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Purim 2021

Dear Friend,

We are excited to announce our full plans for Purim 5781 at The Jewish Center of Teaneck. To volunteer to perform a Megillah reading, please contact


We will offer Megillah reading indoors and outdoors over Purim. There will be full social distancing and masking to ensure everyone's safety. Children who are able to socially distance for the duration of Megillah reading are welcome to attend.  Please register for your preferred Megillah reading here so that we can plan accordingly.  

For those who, for medical reasons, are unable to safely attend any in person reading, either at shul or at home, we will ensure that our Megillah readings are available over Zoom.

Megillah reading times are as follows:

Thursday 2/25

Mincha 5:15 Outdoors in parking lot

Indoor Maariv 6:10 PM Megillah to follow

Sephardic Minyan in Weiss 6:10 PM Register here

Outdoor Maariv 6:10 PM Megillah to follow

Late Megillah Reading (Indoors) 9:00 PM

Friday 2/26

Indoor Shacharit 7:00 AM

Indoor Megillah 7:30 AM

Outdoor Shacharit 7:00 AM

Outdoor Megillah 7:30 AM

Late Megillah 9:15 AM (Outdoors)

Youth Reading 10:30 AM (Outdoors)

For those individuals who receive medical guidance that the safety provided by masking, distancing, and outdoors is insufficient, and that they should hear the Megillah read at home, please contact as soon as possible to arrange a private reading.    

For those individuals who receive medical guidance that even a private, outdoor reading, with masking and distancing is insufficient (such as an individual with an active case of Covid-19 on Purim), please be in touch with for instructions regarding electronic or zoom readings.

Matanot L'Evyonim

The greatest joy associated with Purim is giving generously to Matanot L'Evyonim. Please contribute here and we will distribute on Purim day itself.

Mishloach Manot

This year, on account of the pandemic, we are very happy to be supporting local businesses, in conjunction with other local shuls. Our Mishloach Manot will be a package prepared by Joel Schiff, who owns World of Goodies and Heimish. Our Sisterhood Mishloach Manot is our major fundraiser for the entire year for all Programming. Thank you for your support!

Please click here to sponsor Mishloach Manot.
Please click here to sign up to recieve Mishloach Manot. 
The cost is $54 to send Mishloach Manot to the entire community.  
Additional sponsorship levels include:
Esther Sponsor- $1000
Shushan Sponsor- $500
Simcha Sponsor- $360
Sasson Sponsor- $180
There will be a digital scroll in which all sponsors will be listed. 
Pickup will be at 229 Lakeview Terrace on Thursday, February 25 after 11:00 AM. In extenuating circumstances, we will try to arrange non contact delivery. To volunteer to help deliver in these special cases, please email


As this year Purim falls on Erev Shabbat, it is optimal for the Seudah to be completed by 12:09 PM.


Youth Reading and Celebration

On Purim Day, we invite all our younger children to participate in a special children's reading of the Megillah. This reading is designed for younger children to hear the highlights of the Megillah being read, and to receive wonderful Purim treats. It will take place outside from 10:30-11 AM on Purim morning.  Masking and Distancing will be observed. Please have children come in costume. 

Registration preferable. Please click here to register.

In the true spirit of Purim, may we all merit "V'Nahafoch Hu", that our entire community will experience a reversal of all of this past year's challenges for the better!

Sat, April 17 2021 5 Iyyar 5781