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High Holidays 5781

We look forward to davening together with you at the Jewish Center of Teaneck for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur 5781.

The Jewish Center of Teaneck is proud to be able to offer multiple outdoor, socially distanced minyanim for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur.  As your safety is our absolute priority, and, in accordance with the unanimous recommendation of our medical committee, universal masking and six feet distance between each seat will be observed.  Wallless tents will protect us from the elements to ensure the sanctity of our davening on these Days of Awe.  

There will be socially distanced, outdoor shofar blowing on the second day of Rosh HaShanah (as the first day coincides with Shabbat this year, there is no Shofar) following the 9 AM minyan for those who are not comfortable attending any minyan this year.

Children who are able to maintain social distancing guidelines (six feet distance and masks) are eligible to join these services. For those with younger children, we will have staggered minyanim on the mornings of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur to allow for each spouse to attend a minyan at a different time.  There will be a special shofar blowing after davening open to children to ensure that they can meaningfully participate in the holiday.

Please fill out the registration form below to help us make appropriate plans for these most sacred days.  Only one adult per family must register, unless different family members plan on attending different minyanim, in which case each adult should register separately.  Participants will be registered on a first come, first serve basis, until a particular minyan is closed out due to space constraints.  Members will have a full week to register prior to non-members.

We look forward to a uniquely meaningful Tefillah experience this year.

Full Members receive two (2) complimentary seats. If you are a member, Full or Associate please log in to your shulcloud account before you start registration. Log in is at top right. You will be unable to register without logging in. Once members log in, you also will be able to register for additional seats.

Additional seat for full members $150 each.

Associate Members $150 each

Non Members $250 each 

(Please note for non-members if you join as full members this $250 will count towards your regular Full Membership dues. Thanks)

You can make your Yom Kippur Appeal right on the registration page when registering for seats or you can make a donation below.

Please click on link to watch a video from Rabbi Fridman to learn more about our Mishkan Campaign:

Elanna in the office can walk you thru logging in if you have any issues.  Please email at and Elanna will call you to assist.

Final Registration deadline is Friday, August 21, 2020

There will be no tickets this year. Once you register, your name will be added to a registration list which can be checked when you come to services.

Please also scroll down for Yizkor Book Remembrance form, Kiddush Fund Donation and Memorial Plaque Request form.

Registration form starts here:

This form is not active.


Yom Kippur Appeal

If you are unable to attend High Holiday services with us, you can make your Yom Kippur Appeal donation right here. This year we have created 11 different donation categories. See below.

Betzalel- Master Builder $18,000

Amud HaMishkan- Pillar of the Mishkan: $10,000

Nasi HaMishkan- Prince of the Mishkan: $5,000

Luchot Sponsor: $1,800

Menorah Sponsor: $1,000

Ketoret Sponsor: $750

Choshen Sponsor: $500

Techelet Sponsor: $360

Mizbeach Sponsor: $180

Kiyor Sponsor: $100

Nadiv Lev- Friend of the Mishkan Sponsor: $18


We thank you for your contribution. 

Yizkor Book of Remembrance

Please complete the form here

This form is not active.


Kiddush Fund Donation

We invite you to help build the Kiddush Fund by making a contribution of $18.00.

Please click  here to donate. Choose Type Kiddush Sponsor. Thank you 

Memorial Plaque Request forms

Please click here for the 2020 Memorial Plaque request form. Please complete and return to the office. Please contact the office at with any questions. Thank you 

Fri, September 17 2021 11 Tishrei 5782