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Update from JCT Medical Commmittee 4/15/21

Dear Friend,

As we continue to monitor the medical situation in our immediate area and around the country, we are pleased that we are able to take the next step in our shul reopening process. This Shabbat, we will reintroduce (limited) singing, including Lecha Dodi, and one song during Kedusha of both Shacharit and Mussaf.  In addition, we will begin Shacharit at 9 AM with brachot.  During the week, minyan will begin with Yishtabach, for the time being.

We are only able to take these steps because of your vigilance in following all of the necessary medical steps to prevent any transmission in shul.  Your continued commitment to the health of our entire community has enabled our safe and responsible reopening.

Daniel Fridman, Rabbi

JCT Medical Committee

Updated Quarantine Policy 3/21/21

With Pesach approaching, we wish you, your loved ones, and your entire family, a Chag Kasher V'Sameach.

Please be mindful, in advance of the holiday, of our shul attendance policy:

1.  Anyone who is feeling unwell is respectfully asked to avoid shul attendance.

2.  In accordance with CDC guidelines, we observe masking and distancing in our shul space.  Masks should be at least surgical grade (cloth masks are insufficient for indoor use).

3. For those who are fully vaccinated (more than two weeks post second dose of Pfizer/Moderna vaccines), one may attend shul under all circumstances as long as one is feeling well, and within 90 days of the second dose.  

4. Those who have had Covid-19 in the last ninety days are permitted to attend shul as long as they are feeling well and have received medical clearance.

5.  Those who are not fully vaccinated (not more than two weeks following the second dose of vaccine) are welcome to attend shul, provided that they are feeling well.  However, anyone who is not fully vaccinated must observe a ten day period of quarantine if they have traveled by plane or from their last exposure to someone who is Covid-19+, before they return to shul attendance.

Sat, April 17 2021 5 Iyyar 5781